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Good morning to all of you.


We are happy to announce that in the June issue, in the Gardenia magazine, in the special dedicated to swimming pools, an entire article was dedicated to one of our works in Milan.


It is a super penthouse in Milan where we built:

- mobile cover in steel and glass above the swimming pool area;

- automated sliding windows;

- some steel and glass greenhouses with high thermal insulation;

- load-bearing steel structures;

- swing and sliding steel windows.


See you soon


Walter Bianco


Good morning to you all once again.


We are experiencing a historical moment that will remain etched in our memory for a long time



This pandemic will surely change the way we see the world around us and reevaluate what is most important in the life of every human being: the environment in which we live and the people who are closest to us.


If I have to think of a summary of all this, one word comes to mind:




Respect for nature, respect for any person, respect for the time we have been given.


Respect for what we do.


We are what we do, that's why we have to do it well.


See you soon


Walter Bianco


Good morning to all of you who follow us in the news section.


About three months have passed since the presentation of the "Serremilano idea" and many things have happened.


In the coming months, photos of the latest creations will be published.

These are the concrete confirmations that what we are doing with such passion and professionalism is meeting the requests of our customers.


"The Serremilano customer" is not satisfied with pre-packaged solutions, he wants to be involved in the choices of solutions and materials, he wants a product that fully meets his needs, without compromise.


The Serremilano client wants this new investment to increase the value of his property and, above all, his quality of life.


For this reason, we have decided to increase the catalog of products offered to satisfy some requests from our customers.


The new products offered will concern a complete catalog for bioclimatic pergolas, with adjustable slats or pvc awning and a chosen life of outdoor tents.


See you soon


Walter Bianco


Dear visitor, welcome to the new Serremilano site.


I'm Walter Bianco, owner of Terza Engineering.


If you have come this far in the consultation, it is because you are people who are not satisfied with partial information to make decisions but, instead, want to know better the supplier (and therefore the person) to whom they can entrust the construction of an important part of their own home or workplace.

In both cases, regardless of their size, they are important environments, where you can spend a large part of your life, therefore they must be comfortable and aesthetically cared for.


With Serremilano I decided to "raise the bar" in a sector dominated by operators who, although good and professional, offer standardized systems, designed so as to satisfy, at the same time, both the customer who wants to build an important part of his home , like the restaurateur who wants to use an outdoor space for his restaurant.


Do you think it's the same thing?

I personally believe that the environment that welcomes us every day deserves more passion, more research, more ... beauty.

I anticipate the typical consideration that I imagine is forming in your mind after these few lines:


"Okay Walter, nice words, but who knows how much your greenhouses will cost!"


I wish you could talk to my clients to hear from them.


At this moment I can only anticipate that a great deal of effort has been devoted to shortening the production chains and, above all, to the design, with the development of optimized assembly processes, thus shortening installation times.

I don't want to go too far into this first welcome message.


In the news section, you will be able to follow the further details.


See you soon,


Walter Bianco

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